Kiwi Made

The STOWAWAY is brought to you by Saltymate, a true blue kiwi company.


A portable, self-surfacing Scallop dredge proudly made in New Zealand

Expertly Made

Made by Peter Mair with 35 years of Engineering experience, the Stowaway is expertly crafted and comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.


Stowaway does exactly that – Stows away on your boat. Small, collapsable, portable.

Love Shellfish?

Stowaway is the perfect dredge for you.

Unlike other Scallop Dredge systems, the STOWAWAY is completely portable – that’s why we call it the Stowaway! It folds down into a nice compact size, and comes with a handy carry bag. Simply slide it under a seat in your boat, and then whip it out whenever you want to dredge for shellfish.
One of the best features of the STOWAWAY Scallop Dredge is it’s ability to self surface once you have finished dredging. Because of our proprietary design, the stowaway will simply rise to the surface! This means that nearly all of the heavy lifting is eliminated.
The STOWAWAY Scallop Dredge lands the right way up, every time. Just throw it overboard, wait for it to reach the sea floor, and then begin dredging. No more careful lowering to make sure it lands the right way up – the STOWAWAY does that for you.
The STOWAWAY is the product of good old Kiwi ingenuity. Designed and manufactured in Clevedon, Auckland and tested in the Hauraki Gulf